Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to change a car battery?

My car wont start and Im thinking its the battery and I'll I wont to know is how to change a battery by video Thank YouHow to change a car battery?

very simple guideHow to change a car battery?
go to you tube .com and type in car battery change.How to change a car battery?
Unplug the positive (red) then the ground/negative (black), then plug in the new battery ground/negative (black) first, then plug in the positive (red). Its easy.How to change a car battery?
take the negative cable off first and then take off the positive

make sure you take negative off first

then remove the battery and hook positvie then negative or you'll short your carHow to change a car battery?
buy a battery at auto zone or advanced auto and ask if they can put it in for you. they did it for me.How to change a car battery?
first remove cables and bush them clean cable ends and battery post get dirty cant see the inside by looking have to remove to clean easy and always first thing to do next it try to jump start it and drive to any shop or parts store to check charging system before guessing abd spending money on wrong part but to remove battery loose two nuts on battery cables remove hold down strap or nut or bolt and lift it out not hard type in search box how to remove battery video or how to clean battery cables videoHow to change a car battery?
The same way you take out the old one. Take out the battery and reverse the process