Thursday, September 22, 2011

How do i change my car battery?

ok so my battery died and i just bought a new one the problem is i have no idea what size wrench i need or how to change the battery i have a 2005 kia sportage pls helpHow do i change my car battery?
ask your boyfriend or your dad to help you. I doubt you'll be able to pick it up, it can weight 40-50lbHow do i change my car battery?
I think it is either a 5/16 or 8 mm. They are ususlly easy to change, Remove the ground cable first then the positive red capped one. remove any hold battery hold downs and replace with new one in reverse order.How do i change my car battery?
7 or 8mm socket remove leads from terminals remove old battery install new battery and connect leads to battery terminals. red goes to + and black goes to -How do i change my car battery?
Remove the negative cable first (red cap) and ground wire. Then remove the positive cable. Get a wire brush and clean the contact points (where they sit on the battery) on the cables. Remove the old battery and clean out the area of any debris. Insert new battery, positve cable and then negative cable and ground wire. If you don't have a socket, use a set of pliers to remove the cables. Way to do it yourself instead of paying some shop!How do i change my car battery?
You may want to get some hands-on help from someone that's done this before. The battery is heavy and the old one will have crud and acid residue on it. But you can try. Wear safety glasses and gloves. I'm not familiar with with your Korean buggy but it would be helpful to wire brush and oil any bolt threads on the hold down bracket. A six point wrench or socket is good to use for terminals. It's a small bolt head for a big bolt on side terminal batteries, although you may have top terminals. Make sure nothing is in the way to maneuver the batteries in and out. Be careful and good luck.