Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How do I change a IPOD Battery?

Have an I-POD and I need to change the battery, cannot find any way to open the dang thing? Can anyone help me out please?

Thanks in advanceHow do I change a IPOD Battery?
my advice:

try everything at

if nothing works then you can ask for help here:

go here:



for help.

if that doesn't work, try:

service it thru apple.

they will make everything free if it is under warranty, they ship a box to you, you put your ipod in it, then you ship it, they get it and tell you when they get it and when it was fixed [mine was within a couple of hours], they ship it back to you free of charge.

now if you aren't on your warranty or just don't want to have to deal with all that. go to your local apple store and trade your ipod in. i have done this twice, and i have also shipped mine to apple.How do I change a IPOD Battery?
That's the common faulty issue of the older version of IPOD. You can't really change it yourself. send your ipod to the nearest IPOD dealer for servicing instead.How do I change a IPOD Battery?
Search Google: ipod battery

It takes special tools, and of course, the right replacement battery. But there are sites that sell kits with everything you need, based on model.How do I change a IPOD Battery?
you will need to visit the planet zog, where you may find an I-Podium battery a few feet below the soil of a solarium scalus plant. Be warned they give you the runs if not used properly!How do I change a IPOD Battery?
The Apple Store will trade your iPod for a %26quot;new%26quot; (refurbished) one, if all that you need is a new battery. That cost is about $60. I'm sure you could DIY but if you haven't a clue of what you're doing it may be better just to fork over the $60.