Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What are the precautions to change a car battery?

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First of all, how long does a car battery last? Is it climate dependent?

Next, I plan to change the battery myself and I want to know if there's any precaution e.g. sequential removal/connecting of battery terminals (like the ones we read when jump starting a dead battery)? What tools do I need? Will a small wrench do?What are the precautions to change a car battery?
A regular car battery usually lasts 3-4 years. It's pretty simple to switch out for most vehicles. I would in the very least have a 3/4 ratchet and socket set and a couple of flat head and phillips head screwdrivers.

Beyond however it's mounted in the vehicle there are two posts. Just disconnect the negative and the positive and install the new battery.

Dear Julian C,

Car batteries do not have a specific lifespan, but most last from 2 - 5 years. Yes, climate plays a part in their durability. Extreme heat and cold will shorten their life.

Changing a battery is easy. Make sure to not wear metal objects like watches, rings, etc, to avoid any possible short circuit or electric shock. Remove the negative terminal first with a proper sized wrench (10mm is a good start). Consider wearing gloves for protection from battery acid spills. Inspect each battery cable for splitting cases or other damage and replace if needed. Make sure the new battery is secure in the car and not sitting loose, as any jostling or bumping can damage it. Spray on some battery terminal protectant, or coat the terminal in petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion from forming.

That's it. Keep the battery warranty handy in case you need to submit a claim.

Regards.What are the precautions to change a car battery?
If your car is 1996 or newer, the first thing you'll need is a %26quot;setting saver%26quot; so that you don't need to have the radio security code.

1. Get some latex gloves and eye protection.

2. Install setting saver.

3. remove NEGATIVE terminal first. Normally black, but you should be able to follow it to the engine block.

4. remove POSITIVE, normally red. A big cable should go to the starter.

5. take the old battery out. watch your fingers.

6. put new battery in car, fasten the battery hold-down to keep the battery from tipping over and causing a fire.

7. use wire brush to clean terminals and battery posts.

8. Install POSITIVE first, tighten terminal so you can't wiggle it.

9. Install NEGATIVE last, tighten also.

10. Put some vaseline or grease on the terminals to reduce corrosion.

11. remove setting saver. Start car.

NOTE: DO NOT ALLOW TOOLS TO TOUCH POSITIVE TERMINAL TO THE CAR, YOU WILL CREATE SPARKS AND COULD CAUSE A FIRE. Eye protection is smart, because under some circumstances, sparks could cause the hydrogen gas generated by a battery to explode.What are the precautions to change a car battery?
A couple weeks of real cold weather annually (30-40 below @ night) usually tells you that a good battery will be reliable about 4 years.

Tools may vary. Match tool to the fastener. Always look away before the 2nd final connection to avoid potential explosion getting in your face.What are the precautions to change a car battery?
Make sure when you are installing it, you put the hot (red) wire in place before the ground (Black). The opposite applies to removing a battery (black gets disconnected first). Also, when installing or uninstalling, keep track of where the ground wire is, you don't want it to make contact with the frame and arc unintentionally.

You might need a ratchet with a drive adapter to remove the block holding the battery in place.What are the precautions to change a car battery?
If you are not sure of your battery condition go to auto supply and they will test it free.

Pay attention---remove NEGATIVE battery terminal FIRST.

Quite often a weak battery condition can be caused by dirty battery terminals.

The life of a battery can depend on many conditions including climate. are the precautions to change a car battery?
Extreme temperature ( hot or cold ) reduce the life of a battery.

A car battery can last a very long time, but in most situations, 3 to 6 years is what you'll get.

I would recommend stopping at a Batteries Plus store if you have one near you ( )

They can either replace the battery for you or explain to you how to do it properly. They'll also take your old battery for recycling on the stop. It would be a great way to learn how to do that from a professional.... for free.What are the precautions to change a car battery?
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