Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How hard is it to change a car Battery?

The battery in my car died and I don't want to have it towed somewhere just so someone else can change the battery. Is it relativeley easy enough for me to do in my parking lot?How hard is it to change a car Battery?
You can definately do it! You'll need either the correct size socket or an open-ended adjustable wrench. Pliers work in a pinch...

Disconnect the negative battery cable (the black one), then the positive (red one). Just loosen the bolt that holds the cable down against the battery post, then lift the cable up and off.

Lift the battery out (there may be a screw or two holding it down near the bottom), and set the new one in it's place.

While you have the battery out, you may want to take a stiff brush and brush the white/green corrosion off the cable ends.

Make sure you have the new battery facing the same way that the old one was. You don't want the wrong cable on the post!

Then reconnect the battery cables in the reverse order (positive - red first, then negative - black).

If there were any screws near the bottom of the battery, make sure you replace those.

Congratulations!How hard is it to change a car Battery?
Great answer!

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How hard is it to change a car Battery?
its ****** easy. disconnect negetive first then positive next take out battery then put new battery BUT make sure its the right size for your car.How hard is it to change a car Battery?
Yes, you will nedd a pair of pliers

on the top or side of the battery depending on the battery the 2 wires are bolted to the battery if the wires are on the side then they are small bolts they come all the way out if they are on tom, then just loosen them after you loosen them turn the wire where it meets the battery and it will turn and you can slide the connector off of the battery. Once it is unhooked you can pick the battery up just make sure there isn't any thing else holding the battery to the car like a strap or plastic brace. It will be heavy don't hurt your self.How hard is it to change a car Battery?
It's easy. But the battery might be heavy. It could weigh about 20 lbs. First, you need tools, like a wrench. Then, undo the negative post, followed by the positive side. Then lift up the battery, and remove it from the car. Put the new one in the same place, and connect the positive cable, tighten it, then connect the negative cable, and tighten. That's it.How hard is it to change a car Battery?
If you remove the NEGITIVE [-] cable first, and reconnect the NEGITIVE [-] cable last you should be able to get it done without too much trouble and NO DAMAGE TO YOUR SYSTEM!!How hard is it to change a car Battery?
easy just unscrew two bolts,and reconnectHow hard is it to change a car Battery?
The positive wire is usualy red and the negative is blackHow hard is it to change a car Battery?
easy peasy.

remove the connectors. lift out the old battery. put the new one in (make sure it's the same type). reconnect wires (good idea to clean them first). you're done.

pay CAREFUL attention to which wire went to the positive post and which went to the negative, so you can hook it up the same way.How hard is it to change a car Battery?
yes it is,,just remove the holder that holds it down,,then remove the cables from it,,clean them good before you put the new one back in,,and put the new one back in,,be care full and don't over tighten the cables,,you can damage them if you do,,and that is about all there is too it,,i hope this helps,,i own a repair shop,,and do this a lot,,just take your time ,,you will do fine on it,,good luck with it,,i hope this helps.,,also be sure and put the cables back o the right way,,positive to positive,,and negative to negative.How hard is it to change a car Battery?
not that hard darling!! cant a cute little thing like you get your boyfriend to do it for you???????????????????