Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to change battery in VW flip key?


I have a 3 button VW flip key and need to chnage its battery. Could someone give me some instructions of how to change it. I was able to get the key part (top part) of the flip key to seperate from the transmitter but from there have no idea where the battery is located inside the transmitter.

ThanksHow to change battery in VW flip key?
What you need before you start:

A small flat head screwdriver, or small knife, and a CR2032 battery (available at most auto parts stores, radioshacks, Wal-marts etc... ~$4)

Step 1: Have your key with the VW logo facing up

Step 2: Insert small screwdriver (or small knife) into the slot between key and transmitter(part with the buttons) [I find it easiest to use the knife as a lever to help separate them]

Step 3: Pull apart the key and transmitter

Step 4: Separate the two halves of the transmitter. You should be able to do this with your thumb and forefinger with relative ease.

Step 5: Dislodge the battery

Step 6: Insert the new battery(+ goes down). Then push the key fob back together

Step 7: Check to make sure the little indicator light still blinksHow to change battery in VW flip key?
This worked perfectly! Thanks!

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How to change battery in VW flip key?
I'd would give the dealer a phone and ask for the Parts Dept. best bet is that they would know, over the rest of the Dealership