Saturday, November 20, 2010

How do you change the battery on a 03 VW Beetle?

I just came back from deployment to find my battery dead. I've purchased a new battery but I don't know how to change it out. Also is there any other preventative maintenance, other than changing the oil, that I should have done since it wasn't driven much over the last 7 months?How do you change the battery on a 03 VW Beetle?

First there is a plastic shroud that will need to be popped off the battery. On my 2002 Jetta there are just two tab pieces that get pushed in the middle of each side, then slide up.

Second, you will need a 13mm (I believe thats the right size) socket to remove a bracket that is holding the battery to the front of it. Its securing it to the battery to the battery tray. There is just the bolt and the piece of metal. Once thats loosened, pull that piece out.

Third, you will need to slide off the fuse packet ontop of the battery. Push it back and pull up, it slides right off. There is also the plastic piece it sits on that runs across the battery. There are also tabs on the side that allow it to be loosened to pulled up and out.

Fourth, you'll need a 10mm socket, or wrench to remove the connection to the terminals on the battery. First loosen the negative terminal and pull it off to the side. Make sure its not touching anything metal. Next loosen the positive terminal and pull that up and off. Now you can pull the battery out!! :)

When you reverse procedure to put it back in, make sure you hook up the positive first, then the negative!

As for preventive maintenance you can probably change the oil, as that won't hurt. I recommend using synthetic oil on the car. It will cost more, but you can go 5k miles inbetween oil changes instead of 3k with non-synthetic. Use either Mobil 1 0w-40 or Castrol 5w-40.

Sparkplugs should be fine. I'd check the tires, and check the tire pressure. I'm sure they need it. One more thing to take a look at is the air filter (it sits behind the battery). Make sure the paths leading to it (leads from the headlight area to the air box) isn't abstructed with anything that decided to make a nest in it. And obviously make sure the airfilter isn't dirty. If so, replace it. :)

Hope this helped!!
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