Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to change battery on Ford Transit - Ex RAC van.?

I have an ex-rac Ford Transit. I need to buy a new battery. When i look under the hood there are 2 batteries, one is attached with a velcro strap but when i take the 2 power leads off it wont pull out almost like it is stuck on one end but i cant see what would be holding it in. The other is battery has a bolt on the side but both the batteries were taken out a few months ago and charged by someone else. The bolt doesn't look like it has been touched in years so i don't want to unscrew that if that isn't the right thing to do. All i want to know is how to get the battery out so i can take it to garage and buy a new one. The battery says XM700 if that helps.How to change battery on Ford Transit - Ex RAC van.?
Look near the base of the battery. On some vehicles there is a narrow plate that holds down the bottom edge of the battery.

There is usually just one bolt holding it.