Saturday, November 20, 2010

Help..New Canon SD800 says change battery pack?

Well i got the canon camera yesterday and it charged till the light was green about an hour and a half. Today i bought a 1GB memory card and two pictures with it. All of the sudden it asked me to change the battery pack when i tried to take another picture. This is my first time having a digital camera so i dont know what is going on.

If i recharge the battery pack will it allow me to take pictures again, because right now i can only review the pictures. I lost my warranty card and reciept so if anyone can help me out i will give them five stars.

Also when you are not using the camera, should you remove the battery pack. All help is appreciated.

P. S- Does anyone know how much pictures you can get from a 1GB memory card?

-ThanksHelp..New Canon SD800 says change battery pack?
It's unlikely that your battery is dead so quickly, the SD800 was only released 10/16/2006. If your camera still asks you to recharge the batteries even right after you charge them you may want to try getting a new battery. If that doesn't fix it, you may want to call Canon 1-800-828-4040 M-F 8AM-Midnight, Saturday 10AM-PM EST. If your camera is less than a year old they may be able to repair it regardless of if you still have the reciept.

As for your second question, you should take the batteries out if you haven't used them for a long time because it does slowly drain the batteries to have them in the Camera.

As far as how many pictures you can fit on a 1GB card, check out this link

Basically, you can get anywhere from 312 Hi-Res Best Quality to 8634 Low-Res Worst Quality Images.Help..New Canon SD800 says change battery pack?
no it means that your battery is low..i don't have a canon so i don't know how long the batteries last for on them.. and no you don't have to take out the battery when the camera is off.Help..New Canon SD800 says change battery pack?
the battery pack is bad

you need a new one