Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to change home security system battery?

We have a low batter signal on our home security system, and we can't figure out how to change the battery and the %26quot;headquarters%26quot; are closed so we can't reach anybody tonight. Does anyone know how to do it?How to change home security system battery?
Locate the battery compartment on your home security system. Most of the time it is located under the keypad cover.

Step 2Use a flat-head screwdriver to gently pry off any covers over the battery compartment, if necessary.

Step 3Determine which size of batteries your system uses by looking at the old batteries in the compartment, or by checking the instruction manual that came with the system. Also notice the position the batteries are in. Get the size of battery you need.

Step 4Check to see if the old batteries have leaked into the battery compartment. Use caution when removing them and cleaning the compartment.

Step 5Once the old batteries have been removed, immediately discard them so that you won檛 mistakenly put them back in the compartment.

Step 6Install the new batteries, making sure you put them in properly.

Step 7Run the battery check test, following the instructions in the manual for the system.