Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to change a watch battery?

Does anyone know if there is a battery changing kit available for changing the battery in a watch? Or, is there a way to do it at home with a specific tool? Thanks!How to change a watch battery?
Well.....on the back of my watch, there is a back cover plate with 4 tiny screws to lock it down to the watch. I use a small jeweler's screw-

driver to remove them, then the cover, then the internal workings of the

watch %26amp; battery are exposed. There is also a little metal strip that goes across my battery that locks it down in place so it don't move around or come out of it's contact point with the watch itself. If you don't feel like doing all of this, then go down to Wal Mart %26amp; take your

watch to the jewelry section %26amp; the accossiate will change out the battery for you with just the cost of the battery itself. Take care.How to change a watch battery?
If you want help visit: www.HowToChangeAWatchBattery.c?It was very helpful and made changing a battery much easier for me.

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How to change a watch battery?
Try They send you a box to ship the watches to them for free. They even have multiple watch discounts. They're extremely fast and reliable. Check it out.How to change a watch battery?
you need to go to a jewler